WARMACHINE Tournament Trophies

These trophies are manufactured by Robyn Nixon.

I used wooden blocks for the bases, glued on the standard WM bases to them and spray painted them gloss black.

Then I took the Warcasters from the basic box sets, mounted them onto standard Slot A Bases (GW), and spray painted them either Golden or Chrome Silver.

Everything was primed first to ensure paint didn't flake off.

The figures are then mounted onto the base.

I figure on placing placards on the front of the trophy (examples: best general/best painter/best sportsman, etc).

Sep 3rd.

Created the metal placards and found them too large for my bases.  So mounted the trophies on larger bases to accommodate the placards.


Final Best Sportsman and Best Painter

Final Champ - Saturday night

Final - Sunday Day

Final - Best Painter

Final - Best Sportsman