Socal GW Wurstfest - Painting Contests

Well, since I've joined a Warhammer Fantasy Battle league playing dwarfs, when the local GW stores decided to host a 1200 point painting contest for the last week of December 2006 and the 1st week of January 2007, I jumped at the opportunity.

So here are photos of the Dwarfs I completed along with photos from the event at one store.

I was able to win the event at the GW Block of Orange store.  So I am pretty stoked!

There were several actual categories beside the 1200 point contest; Individual large model, unit and Young Bloods.


Test Paint schemes for my Dwarf Warriors

The completed 1200 Point Dwarf Army

My Dwarf Cannon & Dwarf Warriors

Competition - Necron Army

Competition - Space Marine Army (Notice how few models he had to paint!

My Dwarfs

Individual Model Contest