Imperial Space Marines

Long live the Emperor!

Space Marine Beginning Army

This was the beginning of my Space Marine Army. They are an Ultra Marine spin off chapter.

Leaders and Chaplain

Here we have the chapter leader and his command staff!

Bike Squad and Dreadnaught

I've since added to this squad and will post photos as soon as they are painted.

Heavy Support Squad

Every tactical squad like the support of brothers with big toys!

Space Marine Scouts

Just so that we aren't surprized, its always good to keep a group of backwoods infiltrators around.

Veteran Squad and Razerback

Every group of Space Marines needs a good group of veterans to break up any tough spots in the enemy resistance.

Exorcist and Predator

Troop support through superior fire power!

Exorcist and Predator

Another View



Bike Squad

ok, here we go with the intial bike squad with three basic bikes and an attack bike.

Fast Assault all the way!

Space Marine Tactical Squad

Razerback and Rhino


Librarian and Chaplain

Space Marine Scouts

Tactical Squad