Sisters of Battle

"A morte perpetua, Domine, libra nos..."



Sister of Battle Rhino and Immolator

These are two of the vehicles that I've completed for my SOB army. The first is a Rhino based on the new rhino design with Forgeworld doors. The other is an Immolator.

SOB Rhino

This is a closer view of the SOB Rhino (with forgeworld doors). I've recently completed a second one of these.

SOB Exorcist - Preview

This is how I got the SOB Exorcist (used). It was in all these peices. The main problem with it was that the missile stacks (metal) were to heavy for the arms and wouldn't stay on.

SOB Exorcist - Final

This was the final result of pinning, epoxy and painting.

Sisters of Battle 1850 Point Army

Sister of Battle Army

This is my current RTT Army

Sisters of Battle

Another View

Sisters of Battle

Another View

Sisters of Battle

Another View

Exorcist and Seriphim

Exorcist Battle Tank and Unit A & B Seriphim

Sister of Battle HQ Unit

Cannonnes, Preacher, Banner Bearer and a Celestian Bodyguard Unit, all mounted into a Rhino

Immolater and Seriphim Unit C

Redemptionist Unit

Includes a Redemptor Priest and 4 evisorators

Mounted Retributer Squad

3 Heavy Bolter, a Multimelta, a Vet Sister and a Priest all mounted in an Immolator

Assault Squad A

Assault Squad B

Assault Squad C

Sisters of Battle

This is the group I took to a RTT tournament in LV

Final RTT Army

Left Over Units and Figurines

After making up my RTT 1850 pnt army I had these figurines and units left over - 1 Ret, 1 Red, 1 Assault, 1 Command Unit




"Quick girls! Eldar are invading! To the powder room!!  How does she expect
me to burn heretics in..."

- Overheard during discussion just prior to a major invasion! -