08 Jun 2008 @ 5:11 AM 

So I stopped by my Local GW Bunker today as I was dropping a friend off at a nearby Airport.

I was lucky in that they had just received their shipment of GW Washes:
Citadel Washes
The Store manager being a great guy, and knowing that I live a distance from the store, allowed me to pick up the box set.

Now I’m a died in the wool dipper. Having used the dip method on a number of my armies for the past few years to turn out some fast tabletop quality armies:

Bone Dragon

Bone Giant
Cryx Slayer Jack

Dwarf Warrior - Test Paints

SST Bugs

I have heard good reviews on these the GW Washes, and am looking forward to utilizing them selectively on the Reaver and some of my other projects.

*Disclaimer - the above miniatues where done utilizing a dip, not the GW Washes. They are just examples of past work.

Miniature Peddler

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  1. Larkin Vain says:

    I’ve head good things about the GW Washes as well. They sold out at one my my LGS… I think my other one still has some.

    What do you use for the dips that you have pictured here?

  2. Miniature Peddler says:

    I was using Minmax Floor Polyurethane sealant.

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