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Hi all and welcome to my web pages.  I have a multi-varied background with a firm basis in computer programming, computer networking and mathematics.

Hello my name is Robyn and I am from Southern California, USA.

My background in computers began with programming for the US Aerospace Industry for several years.  During this time I did several very exciting projects for the US Air Force and the US Army, becoming very proficient with Orbital and Aeronautical analysis and scientific programming.

With the collapse of the Aerospace industry in the late 1980s I moved into computer networking, becoming certified in Novell, Microsoft and Cisco networks.  This led a a fun filled career in computer consulting for small businesses here in Southern California and Oklahoma.

Meanwhile I began teaching at a local community college, called Orange Coast College to bring fresh young minds into the IT field.

After several years of teaching at OCC, I found that I really enjoyed teaching, but wanted to catch these young minds earlier in their development.  To this end, I went back to school and became a High School Mathematics teacher at a local continuation high school, J Serra High School, in San Juan Capistrano.

All of this keeps me very busy as I now teach full time at the high school, part time at OCC and part time at the Adult Education Center for San Juan Capistrano.

My spare time is spent as a demonstrator of table top games at local gaming stores throughout the Southern California region.

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