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Chaos Space Marines

Space Marines

Sisters of Battle



GenCon SoCal 2003

Gateway 2004

SOB Immolator Construction

SD ComicCon 2004

Battlefleet Gothic

Tournament Trophies

Warhammer 40k

Warmachine Tiles

Gateway 2005

Painting my FOW British Armoured Car Company

Imperial Guard Tanks

OrcCon 2006

GMI Steamroller Feb 2006

Current Work

LV Spring Break Steamroller 2006

GMI Weekend of Hordes Release

San Diego Comiccon 2006

Dark Age Miniatures at Gencon Indi 06

Privateer Press WM/Hordes at Gencon Indi 06

Gencon Indiapolis 2006

Gencon Indi Stink Party

Gateway 2006

Dark Age Miniatures Saints

GMI Warhordes Tournament Oct 06

Dark Age Miniatures - Skarrd Army

Dark Age Miniatures - Skarrd Army two

Gencon Socal 2006

Crimbo Exchange Figures 2006

Crazy Ivan's Painting Contest Dec 06

Wurstfest Painting Contest

Dark Age Miniatures - Brood Army

GMI 750 Point Warmachine Tournament Nov 06

GMI 500 Point Hordes Tournament Dec 06

GMI War-Hordes Megabattle Dec 06

GMI 500 Point WM Steamroller 3 - Jan 07

GMI 750 Point WM Steamroller Apr 07

GMI Dark-age 750 Point Xtreme Tournament Apr 07

Gallery of Stolen Figurines from Gamex 2007

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